The students have been conducting their research, discussing their findings and making plans that will help them create prototypes of their structure designs

They continue to reflect on and document their own process of learning. 

The students have been reading books, watching videos about structures, forces, energy and materials to help them make decisions on their own plans. 

The students put their initial ideas on paper. They made plans, using words, diagrams and information that they would require in order to create their prototype. Their aim is to create a prototype; an early sample, model, or a product built to test a concept or process. 

Throughout this process the students will have opportunities to:

  • be actively engaged in various stages of learning, including: thinking about, planning, modifying and creating
  • be actively involved in discussion and questioning, and be more self-directed in their creating
  • apply their understanding of concepts through the construction of their projects
  • make connections to the real world by taking past experiences into their investigations/projects
  • face challenges, and will be given the freedom to independently overcome these or fail through trial and error or experimentation
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