We continue to work on our project for our performance ‘The Little School of Horror‘. The children add leaves on the ‘Eating People Flower’. The children cut out different shapes of leaves and put them inside and outside of the plant.

Then, they decided to add blood on the plant because “The plant has eaten many people”. They wanted the blood to be ‘really scary’.

Next, they added sharp teeth inside the plant to make it even more scary.

Michelle got into the plant (box) and tested it to see if it was big enough for one person.

Throughout the process, the children demonstrated how they can choose and complete tasks independently, while sharing responsibility for decision-making. It was evident that they can be persist while engaging in their projects.

We are learning how to:

  • engage with, and enjoy a variety of visual arts experiences
  • select tools, materials and processes for specific purposes
  • use their imagination and experiences to inform their art making
  • create artwork in response to a range of stimuli

Stay tuned for our next steps…

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