We had 4 cookies left over from lunch. The children in K1 decided that they all wanted a cookie. The children were posed with a question.
How might we share the cookies so that everyone has an equal share? 
The children began to count how many children were left in the circle. The teacher wanted one too! After many attempts at counting, the children counted a total of 8 people. BUT, there were only 4 cookies.
The children suggested that we break the cookies. After some discussion on how they would be broken, the children explained that we could snap the cookie using both hands. 
  • Teacher: How many pieces would I have if I snapped one cookie?

The children said it would then become 2 pieces! 

We used a marker to draw lines on the plastic wrapping to check if we would have enough cookies if we snapped each cookie in 2. 
YES! 8 Pieces!!

In order to solve the problem:

  • We first asked a question that can be researched
  • We used our knowledge of number to help us gather the information
  • We used our knowledge of sharing
  • We tested our theory and documented our data