We listened to a short story ‘Max Finds an Egg’ by Wiley Blevins. We looked at the clues on the front cover.

We noticed that the little boy had found an egg. We began to make predictions about what living things might be in the ‘egg’.

We invited the children to draw their predictions on post-it notes:

  • a chicken
  • a snake
  • a little bird
  • a flower
  • a duck
  • a flying dinosaur
  • a cow
  • a bird

Tyson and Charlotte were not sure how to draw birds. They looked for the pictures of birds on the internet. Michelle said she wanted to teach them how to draw a bird. They sat together and learned how to draw birds.

Next, we listened to the story to see if our predictions were correct.

We noticed and named the ‘thinking cloud’. We have seen how writers use them in their books to show us what the characters are thinking about.

We discussed what we noticed about the different expressions the little boy makes throughout the story. He was happy, sad, surprised, excited, thinking and laughing.

We were excited to find out that one of our predictions were correct!!

It WAS a chicken!!

While reading, we had opportunities to:

  • respond actively to read aloud situations; make predictions, anticipate possible outcomes
  • listen and respond to picture books, showing pleasure, and demonstrate understanding through gestures, expression and/or words
  • focus on a speaker and maintain eye contact
  • observe, discuss and comment on the information being conveyed in illustrations
  • collaborate and support others
  • teach and learn from peers
  • use mark making to express an idea
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