The children have been busy at the garden plot, planting seeds and creating signs.

They have been watering the plants each day and were very excited to see some of the seeds beginning to sprout.

A group of children were preparing to create journals to record the growth of the plants. Today we learned how to make our own books by choosing paper, folding it neatly and then using the long arm stapler to hold the pages together. We all had a turn to practice making our own books.

We then set out to the garden plot with our journals and began to document what we noticed.

Some children observed the growth of the plants and others talked about the needs of plants as they grow.

The children were careful to include details such as the soil, and the plots created for the purpose of growing.

The children talked about their observations as they drew their pictures. They challenged each other’s ideas as they documented their observations.  

We will continue to care for our plants, observe and document how they change as they grow.

Approaches to Learning

Communication Skills


  • Listen to information.
  • Listen actively and respectfully to others’ ideas.


  • Express oneself using words and sentences.
  • Participate in conversations.
  • Negotiate ideas and knowledge with peers and teachers.

Reading, writing and mathematics

  • Understand that mark-making carries meaning.
  • Use mark-marking to convey meaning.
  • Document information and observations in a variety of ways. 

Research Skills

Data gathering and documenting

  • Use all senses to observe and notice details.
  • Record observations—drawing, charting, tallying—using emergent writing skills, when possible, to write comments, annotate images, and so on. 

Self-management Skills


  • Follow the directions of others.


  • Demonstrate persistence in tasks.
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