We began by discussing and sharing what we already know about patterns. The students noted their ideas on large chart paper.

  • Ethan “You can repeat something or add more.”
  • Seoyeon and Ella “pattens can be shapes. Patterns have to repeat all the time.”
  • “Patterns can be numbers.”
  • Agata “Patterns can be long or short.”
  • Seoyeon “Patterns can be colours.”


  • Agata “Can patterns be built with people?”

Next, the students were presented with a series of images. They documented the image and their ideas using pictures, numbers and words.

I can see…

  • “…strawberries and blueberries.” – Grace
  • “…one strawberry changed to a blueberry.” – Ethan
  • “…strawberry -1 each and blueberry +1 each.” – Seungbin
  • “…the number of the strawberry is getting smaller and replacing it with a blueberry.” – Ella
  • “…I see the picture going down is the blueberry is more more.” – Lawrence

How can you show these patterns using numbers?

What would the next 3 pictures in the sequence look like?

Then, they decided on how they would continue the pattern. They justified their ideas to the group.

Finally, the students created their own pattern using manipulatives, symbols and numbers, demonstrating how patterns can be represented in a variety of ways.

Our exploration on patterns continues…

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