The students were invited to use Pattern Blocks to create designs. Each pattern block shape had a value. The complete design needed to have a total value of 24, 40 and 60.

Next, the students completed a bar graph using the information in their Pattern Block design. Finally they wrote a number sentence that reflected the data they collected in their graph. 


  1. Use Pattern Blocks to create 3 shape designs that have a value 24, 40 and 60.
  2. Take a picture of your designs.
  3. Upload your pictures to Seesaw.
  4. Complete the graph to show how many shapes you used in your design.
  5. Write a number sentence that reflects the data collected in the graph.

Creating the designs involved a lot of problem-solving, thinking, calculations and conversations. Here are some Student Responses:

What designs might YOU create?

What is the SUM of YOUR design? 

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