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Focus: Research Skills, thinking Skills, Communication Skills 

Materials: a stack (20 or more) of paper (or plastic) cups

Inquiry Invitation

  • What tower designs can we create using paper cups?
  • How many cups can we stack without it falling over?
  • How can we document our designs?










This inquiry challenge will encourage the children to:

  • observe carefully
  • test generalizations, strategies or ideas
  • draw conclusions and generalizations
  • gather information from a variety of sources (materials)
  • record observations—drawing, charting, tallying—using emergent writing skills, when possible, to annotate images
  • notice relationships and patterns
  • use mark-marking to convey meaning
  • document information and observations in a variety of ways
  • follow the directions of others
  • demonstrate persistence in tasks
  • use strategies to problem-solve

-Approaches to Learning (ATL’s)

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