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Focus: Self-management Skills, Thinking Skills (Mathematics – Shape and Space)  

Jiwon and Michelle used scissors and paper to explore their creativity. They folded paper carefully and then used scissors to cut out different shapes. Jiwon created flowers and Michelle created monster masks.

Jiwon – Flowers

Here is one way to create art with paper:

Paper cutting

You can create your own paper art!

You might want to cut out different shapes on your paper, or even different patterns! 

Pay close attention to the way you hold a pair of scissors. 

  • While cutting with scissors, the open and close motion allows children to build up the little muscles in their hands. These muscles are important because they aid in writing, drawing and painting.
  • Cutting develops eye-hand coordination as it requires children to use their eyes and hands in unison to accomplish the task of cutting. Eye-hand coordination is important for catching/throwing balls, eating with a spoon, and zipping a coat.
  • Cutting encourages your child to use both sides of the body at the same time while each hand is performing its own task (bilateral coordination). When cutting a shape, a child must hold the paper with one hand while the other hand is opening and closing the scissors and moving forward to cut.
  • Cutting improves focus and attention. These skills build a child’s capacity to pay attention to detail, not only in the classroom but in everyday life. These skills are essential to being able to read books, listen to instruction and complete tasks.
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