We read the book ‘Exactly the Opposite’ by Tana Hoban. This special picture book is a wordless book. We gathered together to read it, creating our own story as we turned the pages.  

We looked at the cover. Sebastian explained that it looks like his shoes. We compared our shoes. Ms. Shemo and Ms. Tina wore shoes with laces. Their laces were tied up neatly. Sebastian explained that he had ‘broken’ laces (untied).

Sebastian “Open and closed”

Sewon showed us how the gate was ‘open and closed’ using her hands.

Yoochan “No leaves and have leaves.”

Bruce “Broken and not broken (eggs).” [in Mandarin] Tyson and Leming agreed.

Sewon used her hands to explain ‘Fallen down and standing upright’.

Yoochan “Not out and out.”

Sebastian “No tails and have tails.”

Yoochan “Small and big.”

Sewon used her hands to show ‘front and back’.

Sarah “Pushing and pulling.”

Leming “Smoking and Ice.” [in Mandarin]

Sarah “It feels hot and cold.”

Jiwon “Swimming and no swimming.”

Yoochan “No fish and fish.”

We wondered if the book was non-fiction (about real things) or fictional. Sarah explained that it is a book about real things because it has used real pictures. Jiwon, Tyson and Bruce agreed.

What other opposites can you think of?

Through this experience we noticed how the children were able to:

  • listen to gain and share information
  • use new words linked to context being taught
  • ask and respond to simple questions
  • use manners in conversation
  • communicate thoughts with words
  • use words to describe an object
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