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Oggie Doggie Tags for the Circus

We have been learning the words to our songs, practicing the actions and creating make up and costume designs.

Grade 2 will play the ‘Oggie Doggies’ in the show. We had to create dog tags for the characters. We decided to use wood cookies for this purpose. We had to decide on the ribbon we will need for the tags. The students began to suggest different colours for the ribbons. There were clearly too many choices as Ms. Heidi said we could only have 5 choices. We had a problem. Which 5 should we choose?

First, we listed all the colours the students suggested. We had 9 choices. How should we organize this information?

The students suggested we create a chart and record the data on it.

(Information can be expressed as organised and structured data)

We had a clear first, second and third choice. However, three colours were competing for the 4th and 5th choice. The students suggested that they take a second vote to find the fourth and fifth colour. We recorded this data on a second table.

Now, there was a clear choice for the remaining two colours.

We finally had our 5 choices for the ribbons. Next, we voted a third time to find out the quantity of each colour we had to purchase. We created a third table to record this information.

Then, we created a column graph to record the data. We decided that each square would represent 2 people as there wasn’t enough space for the highest number.

Now, we can give Ms. Heidi the information she needs, the chosen colours and the quantity of each colour.

Research Skills:

  • ask relevant questions that can be researched
  • make a plan for finding information
  • gather information
  • record observations by charting, tallying, writing
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