Our Math focus this week was on building our number sense through games, discussion and problem-solving. Students were encouraged to interact with each other during the online sessions to help build a sense of community.

Math Vocabulary

We began by talking about ODD and EVEN numbers. We used manipulatives, pictures, and numbers to share our ideas.


  • “odd and even numbers can be divided by two and each person gets the same
  • if I had three sweets and I shared it with a friend then it won’t be equal
  • 15 is an odd number because one person has 7 and the other has 8
  • ODD numbers are like 1,3,5,7,9 and EVEN numbers are 2,4,6,8,10”

Next, we played ‘Reach the Beach’!

The focus of the game was to identify odd and even numbers. The students were able to make the game as challenging as they wanted to by adding more dice, or multiplying the digits instead of adding them.

The next game we played was ‘Trash and Treasure’. This game develops an understanding of how the position of a digit within a number determines its value.

The students were then invited to create and play their own games. This provoked their thinking and developed their self-management skills. Students were able to stretch their thinking by making the games more challenging. Taking responsibility for completing tasks and being open-minded while playing team games was also fostered through these activities.

Odd and Even 

Trash and Treasure 

Conceptual Understandings:

Number Sense:

  • the base 10 value system – the position of a digit within a number determines its value
  • the operations of addition and multiplication
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