At the second grade level, nonfiction texts might focus on a single topic, or on a larger topic with subtopics. Topics and ideas are familiar, authentic, and relevant to children’s lives, with a few topics that may go beyond children’s immediate experiences. We began by identifying the different features of nonfiction texts.

We discussed the topic, subtopic, language and illustrations.

We looked for key words that help us understand the text as we look for facts.

The students worked in groups to sort and identify the different features we discussed.

How might we know if a text is fiction or nonfiction?

We discussed and sorted the different Features of Fiction and Nonfiction Texts

Then, we took a closer look at nonfiction texts to see if we can identify some of the terms related to nonfiction texts. 

We identified these features in different texts. 

We continue to wonder about nonfiction texts and the information they convey. How do nonfiction texts help us? 

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