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Focus:Observation, Creativity, Thinking Skills, Communication Skills

We have been observing nature and wondering about the trees around us. 

I went on a walk and found a leaf skeleton. I am wondering about trees🌳🌲🌴 and their leaves🌿🍂🍀. How are leaves different or the same? How do leaves and trees ‘change’ over time?


An invitation from the Atelier with Ms. Anna Mila:

Yesterday I went on a treasure hunt. I looked for what treasures I could find outside. I had help from Ms Karen, Ms Shemo, Ms Tasha and Ms Victoria. Everyone found something and I thought carefully about what I wanted to create. I looked at the sticks I found and started to arrange them. Next I decided to tear Ms Tasha’s orange peels into smaller pieces. They reminded me of leaves in the fall. Ms Shemo had found beautiful leaves that had worn away until they were just skeletons. I loved how they looked against the black paper and reminded me of winter. Ms Karen found tiny pinecones so I added them to make my tree more full. Ms Victoria had found beautiful blossom petals which reminded me of spring so I put them on the bottom. While I was making my community tree I thought about the life cycle of trees and the seasons we all go through. I found items that represented each season except summer. Summer is on its way and I wonder what I will add. What would you add to represent summer?

Natures Treasures

This invitation encourages children to:

  • express themselves creatively
  • enjoy a variety of visual arts experiences
  • select tools, materials and processes for specific purposes
  • use imagination and experiences to inform their art making
  • create artwork in response to a range of stimuli

Approaches to Learning (ATL’s)

Research Skills

  • use all senses to observe and notice details
  • notice relationships and patterns
  • exploring quantities, comparing size and shapes
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