The students went on a field trip to ‘月亮院子’ ‘Moonyard’ to learn more about words and images. Moonyard is a cultural center in China that showcases calligraphy.

The teacher introduced the students to the space, showing them many different images displayed around the gallery.

The students were invited to choose an image that they want to learn more about. They were fascinated with the colours, shapes, pictures and presentation of ideas. They walked around, sat alone or with groups to take a closer look at the images, and put their thinking down on paper. They used the thinking routine ‘See, Think, Wonder’, to document their ideas and questions. Then, they gathered to share some of these ideas with each other.

Ella “Are these characters from a long time ago?”

Grace “Something is like a wall. It looks like thunder. Why is the thunder that shape?”

Ethan “It makes me think it looks like water, like a river.”

Diego “It looks like an elephant.”

Alejandra “Why is there a line? It looks like an eye. Wonder why the line is in a different place.”

Hyun Seo “I think it is a deer.”

Yuchan “I see an eye but the eyelashes are not good.”

The teacher explains “All the ancient Chinese characters, they copy a model of what they see, like a picture. That is how it starts. As time passes by, we are getting smarter so the character becomes more modern. So the modern characters are more detailed. There have been 5 different changes. This is a picture of a head. Our eyes exist in the body of the head. The top is the hat! If you put it together it is a man with a hat travelling on a road!”

Ella “It looks like a flower and might mean ‘beautiful’. Why do the ancient Chinese characters look different from the new ones?”

Teacher “This is fire. If you do not have the dots it is a tree.”

The students were very excited about creating their own copy of their favourite image or word. They were given a choice of materials they could use to create their image.

After having a quick snack and thanking the teachers for the exciting experience, we came back to school.

The students reflected on what they had learned through their experience and included this on their activity sheet. We gathered to share our reflections with each other.

  • What questions do we have as a result of our experience?
  • What do we want to learn more about?
  • What do we want to do next?

Our learning journey continues…

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