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Measurement – Length, Width, Height

What do you know about Measurement?

We began by brainstorming and documenting our thoughts on chart paper. 


Next, we used Cuisenaire Rods to explore measurement. The students had to solve a riddle to find the missing rod. They had to use the ruler to measure accurately in centimetres.    

Cuisenaire MATHS Activity

Then, we discussed a Maths Problem. We talked about the different strategies we can use to solve the problem. We recorded our thinking on chart paper and in our Maths journals. 

One student wanted to know how many metres Jimmy would travel all together, if he rolled 10 times.

The students documented their own thinking and strategies in their Maths Journals. 

We all wanted to know what 15 metres looked like. How far was that? 

We went outdoors to measure 15 metres. The students helped record the distance using a metre stick. 

Then, we ran the distance to see how far Jimmy rolled the first, second and third time. 

Next, the students went on a scavenger hunt. They were tasked with finding objects in the classroom that were a specific measurement. They began by measuring the length of their Maths journal.

Through these experiences the students were able to:

Thinking Skills:


  • Observe carefully in order to recognize problems and find solutions
  • Practise “visible thinking” strategies and techniques.

Research Skills:

Formulating and planning

  • Ask or design relevant questions of interest that can be researched.
  • Outline a plan for finding necessary information.

Data gathering and recording

  • Gather information from a variety of primary and secondary sources.
  • Record observations by drawing, note taking, annotating images.

Evaluating and communicating

  • Present information in a variety of formats and platforms.

Communication Skills:


  • Listen to, and follow the information and directions of others.
  • Listen actively to other perspectives and ideas.
  • Ask for clarifications.

Interpreting: Interpret visual and oral communication.

Speaking: Speak and express ideas clearly and logically in small and large groups.


  • Record information and observations by hand and through digital technologies.
  • Organize information logically.
  • Understand and use mathematical notation and other symbols.

Self-management Skills:

  • Use time effectively and appropriately.
  • Keep an organized and logical system to document learning.
  • Use technology effectively and productively. 
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