We have been counting collections and exploring different ways we can collect and share data. Ms. Delia shared 4 different images with the students to help them think about other ways we might share the data we gather through our projects.

Teacher “What do you notice?”

Graph 1

  • Hyun Seo “That tells me that the favourite ice cream shows that it is about the favourite ice-cream.”
  • Ethan “That one is left to right, the other one is the bottom to top.” (referring to the vertical vs horizontal graphs)

The students talked about the horizontal and vertical bar graph.

  • Grace “The difference is that there 1-10 and this other one has it to 100.”
  • Yuchan “There is a very small line at the bottom. Because then the small line is 25, to 50 to 100.”
  • Yuki “Here there have a colour, change colour can see clearly so other colours can see well.”
  • Fedo “If you turn it the other way it will be like the other bar graph.”

They explained that the length of the bar shows the data.

Graph 2

  • Hayoon “I see two circles. In the middle, like the Olympic. This one in the middle is the same. The same thing the whale and fish have.”
  • Seungbin “I don’t see numbers in it.”
  • Ella “Data is like, we ask people and research and then we make data with like how many people like ice cream and they are using research skills. Like we have to research about the whale and the fish and find what we have in common.”

Teacher “When can we use this diagram?”

  • Ethan “When they are the same or not the same. Like a wolf and a dog.”
  • Alejandra “And the things about the same are in the middle.”
  • Lawrence “What is that graph?”

We named the diagram ‘Venn Diagram’.

Graph 3

  • Fedo “All of them equals 2. So it means they ate 2.”
  • Yuchan “Each mango is 2, so if it is 3 mangoes it means 6 mangoes.”

Teacher “This is why we call it a picture graph.”

  • Lawrence “The picture shows the tally graph.”
  • Alejandra “10.”
  • Ethan and Hayoon “I think it’s 20 apples.”
  • Ethan “I like because it shows pictures. If someone does not know the spelling, then you can use pictures.”

Graph 4

  • Grace “It looks like mountains, and it shows numbers.”
  • Diego “I think this looks the like the bar graph, you use the line and the dots.”
  • Gihyeon “I notice it looks like a W.”
  • Ella “Because here its 50. So when you go down you can see how many bikes were sold. In January 50 bikes were sold and in February 30 bikes were sold.”
  • Yuchan “I notice that its like a news graph. Like weather. Like how sunny or cloudy.”
  • Seungbin “I saw in a book and it shows how the earthquake happens. Like in other countries how much it happens.”
  • Lawrence “It shows like If you don’t put the line.”
  • Seungbin “It is shows a little bit and then it keeps going and then in the last it shows going high.”

Next, the students were given different scenarios. They had to work in teams to decide which graph would be the ‘best’ choice to share the data.

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