• How many ways can you show the number 25?
  • How will you organise your materials or manipulatives?
  • What would your number sentences look like?

The students worked independently to ‘show’ their number. They were encouraged to think about how they would place the manipulatives/materials.


When all the students had completed the task, we did a ‘gallery walk’ to look at all the different ways we can create a number.

Next, we worked in groups to talk about what we already know about MATH. The groups documented their learning.

Then, we gathered to discuss and document the MATH we see around us? How do we use Math in our world? The students explained that we need MATH when we:

  • go shopping to buy food
  • pay for gas
  • count in different daily situations
  • pay for a taxi
  • buy tickets to take a flight
  • measure
  • look at shapes

We discussed how Math can make us feel. We talked about the different zones we could be in when we learn something new, and the experiences that make us feel as if we are stretching our brain, thinking and learning.

They each reflected on their own abilities, skills or knowledge. What warrants a star and what they wished or hoped to learn in the future.

How do YOU feel as a Mathematician? 

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