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Focus: research Skills, Thinking Skills, Communication Skills

An inquiry into ‘Materials‘.

Central Idea: The things we use come from somewhere else.

We are currently inquiring into the different materials around us and how they are used to create the objects we use every day.

  • What are the properties of these materials?
  • How do we change or manipulate materials to meet our needs?

We have inquired into materials and sound in Performing Arts, noticing how we can create sound and music with objects we have around us.

Let’s go on a walk in the Early Years playground to explore materials and their properties.


Here is a collection of items I gathered from around my home.

  • I wonder how I might sort these objects… 
  • I wonder what materials have been used to make them…

You might want to go on a hunt to explore objects and their properties in your environment.

Approaches to Learning (ATL’s)

  • seek information
  • observe carefully
  • test generalizations, strategies or ideas
  • sort and categorize information and materials; arrange into forms or order
  • draw conclusions and generalizations
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