1. Teaching Ideas

Making Text-to-Self Connections

A Text–to-Self connection occurs when we make connections between personal experiences and the text.

A student chose the picture book ‘Night of the Veggie Monster’ by  George McClements as a class read aloud.

As we always do, we read the title, the back blurb and took a closer look at the image on the front cover. We were curious, excited, and eager to dive right into the text. By the second page, we began to make connections with the images and the fonts in the text. The text features included all capitals, bold print and speech bubbles!

We noticed that the story included real images AND drawings (with interesting facial expressions!). Some words were coloured, bigger, slanted and crafted in interesting ways. The students wondered if this book was nonfiction or a fictional text.

The story is about a little boy who does not particularly like eating vegetables. The students were quick to make personal connections as each page was turned. They told their own stories as they gasped at the images and ideas in the book.

They connected with the character and his dislike for certain foods, sharing reasons and experiences with the class. We hope that this funny story might inspire a few veggie monsters to give peas (and other vegetables) a chance!

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