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Making it to a Good College with Low Grades in School

Getting into a good college is the ticket to a great life for many students as it helps you enhance knowledge, build connections and get an excellent job in the future. 

But it is not easy to get into college if you have low grades and insufficient extra-curricular activities showcasing your talent. However, there are specific ways to improve if you are not already in the HSC and have a burning desire to enter college.

GSCE tuition

Take private tutoring seriously as it helps you analyze your scores and understand why you fail to get better grades. A talented teacher with good experience will help you enormously with your studies, bringing down the study time by making you understand the concepts better.

Brightyoungthings.co.uk offers expert GCSE tuition services for students struggling with low grades. Starting such private tutoring before you reach the senior year will help you grasp various academic concepts quickly. Private tuition at your home or in the centers dedicated to assisting students in getting a better grade is a boon for students who want to take realistic steps to improve their rates.

Select your courses wisely

Changing your course preference will help a lot if you are struggling to get better marks. You can opt for more accessible courses to improve your GPA and take a slightly higher course load than others. Try to learn what you are passionate about and seek help from seniors already in the college regarding the proper course load selection.

Ask your teachers who know your potential well regarding which course will suit your efficiency. Consult the school counsellor if possible and check with them regarding the options of getting into college with the current courses you have chosen.

Extra-curricular activities and recommendation letter

Most top schools give 15% weightage to test scores explicitly attended for their school or standard scores like TSA, BMAT, LNAT, etc. They offer 20% importance to school grades. But they offer 25% importance to the admission essay. A good recommendation letter from your principal, a respected alumnus, or an influential person matters 10%.

A stunning, well-written essay and a good letter of recommendation can make up for the 35% grades you miss on the test scores and grades. Further, extra-curricular activities like sports, acting, and musical talent also count for 30% of weightage. Concentrate on other aspects you can improve to make up for your low grades.

Learn to write a stunning essay

Admission essays are critical when it comes to capturing the attention of the admission board. Learn how to write a great article by reading the previous papers which got students admission. Seek the assistance of private companies to write you a great essay and tell them about your personal experiences to enrich the article.

If you like writing, try different styles and create the essay you feel is most suitable for admission. Show it to your teachers, ask for their opinion and make the necessary changes. If you already have a college-going person in your family, get their help to polish the admission essay further.

Try the branch colleges

Apply for the branch campus courses, which are said to get in and try to transfer after a year to two to the leading college, taking up another class or an extra diploma. Studying in-branch colleges will give you an idea of what to expect from the actual college and whether you will easily cope with the academics.

The curriculum is more or less the same, but the prestigious courses offered will not be taught on the branch campuses. Nevertheless, their degree has enough value and requires you to put in the same effort to succeed in academics as the leading college campus.