Displaying Data on Line Plots

We had a tub of sticky worms. We wanted to collect data on the length of the different worms.

First, we created a line plot to display the measurement data. We recorded the title on the line plot and wrote centimetres below the empty number line. The students began by measuring the length of the worms. The longest worm we had was 20 cms. and the shortest was 4 cms.

Next, we wrote the numbers 4 to 20 on our empty number line. We were ready to collect the data. Each ‘X’ represented 1 worm.

Making Line Plots from Measured Data:

Then, the students worked in 5 groups to generate a set of data by measuring strips of paper and then displaying their data on line plots.

They worked in teams to measure the strips, sort the information and document their findings on a line plot. Each group created a line plot to document their data. We compared the line plots of each group and discussed the data we had gathered.

Through these inquiries, the students developed the following Approaches to Learning.

Line Plots

Line Plot Activity PDF

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