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Focus: Thinking Skills, Research Skills

Following on from our experiments with Sinking and Floating

Challenge: LEGO Brick Boat

  • Make a LEGO brick boat. 
  • Put your LEGO boat to the test in a tub of water.
  • Add 1 RMB coins , a few at a time to see how many your boat can hold.
  • Post a picture of your LEGO brick boat!
  • How many coins could your LEGO brick boat carry safely?

NOTE: This learning invitation will help children think about weight, engineering and design. You can give your child a certain number of Lego bricks for an added challenge.

Approaches to Learning (ATL’s)

  • think critically
  • plan an experiment
  • observe carefully
  • test ideas
  • gather information through experimentation
  • demonstrate persistence in tasks
  • use strategies to problem-solve
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