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Focus: Thinking Skills, Communication Skills

Mathematical Concepts: Similarities and Differences, Pattern, Symmetry, Shape and Measurement  

  • What do you see in world around you?
  • How might we use these materials and natural resources to express our creativity and thinking?

Lets go on a nature walk to see what we can learn…

  • What do you notice about the leaves? 
  • How are they the same? How are they different


You can choose to do any (or all) of the following with your leaves:

  • Create your own leaf man. Tell us about your creation. 
  • Draw a leaf (or leaves). Remember to observe and document like a scientist, details are important.
  • Measure a leaf. Use different materials such as bottle caps, Lego or stones to measure the length or size of your leaf.
  • Sort the leaves into groups. How will you organise your groups? By shape? colour? size? 

Share your learning with the class.

Approaches to Learning (ATL’s)

  • Observe carefully.
  • Sort and Organize information.
  • Record observations—drawing, charting, tallying
  • Notice relationships and patterns.
  • Present information in a variety of modalities.
  • Express oneself using words and sentences.
  • Use mark-marking to convey meaning.
  • Demonstrate persistence in tasks.
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