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Kahil Gibran says, “Kindness is like snow. It beautifies everything it covers”. I recently read an article about bringing kindness to work. You can read the entire article by clicking here. The article states that “It turns out kindness at work has now become fundamental. While inclusion, fair pay, and development remain important, kindness and connection are now essential” (source). The article also discusses that, “after two decades of research…the most important things in our lives are compassion, empathy, forgiveness, gratitude, mindfulness, social connection, and awe. These are all human issues, and all revolve around kindness” (source). 

Since kindness in the public business world is so important, how do we promote cultures of kindness in our own classrooms? In my opinion, we must first model kindness. Our students are watching us and often react to the culture we promote in our classrooms. Modeling kindness creates a culture of empathy and mindfulness in the classroom and is done by being calm, happy, understanding, and by being a good listener. Another way to promote kindness is to be purposeful with research, projects, assignments, and discussions. Every single moment counts in your classroom so make the most of them. In an article on creating a culture of kindness in the classroom, Scholastic suggests utilizing programs that promote kindness like the Be Kind Project and Random Acts of Kindness

Creating a culture of kindness doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated. You just need to be like snow and make everything around you beautiful. 


All sourced information is hyperlinked as applicable above. 

TLDR (too long didn’t read):

Kindness matters. Be like snow, make everything around you beautiful. 


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