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Keeping Kids Safe from Cyber Predators

One of the biggest dangers facing kids who are online today are cyber predators. They mainly prey on the lonely and sensitive, so vulnerable children are a prime target.

All over the world, kids are on online devices virtually all the time, so the big question is how to keep them safe.

Often predators will come across as friendly and helpful, and this is how they draw the kids in. Many are victims of online bullying and hate attacks, so they will naturally be drawn to people showing love and concern, unaware of the pitfalls that await them.

Kids unaware of the dangers

When your kids go full tilt into online activities, they think they are immune to danger, other than spiteful attacks from cyberbullies, which many see as commonplace. 

They may not be aware of the cyber predators who are out to groom them and finally get to meet them physically. Beware! This happens in the blink of an eye and many kids are naïve enough to think this is harmless and fun and they are totally in control of the situation.

Solace and care out there?

The danger of cyber predators is mainly about sexual involvement, usually with much older people. These people will make out that they are the same age as the people they are targeting, have an alias and possibly a different gender to the one they are profiling. 

They will get to know the likes and dislikes of the kids and will appear to be very knowledgeable and empathetic. This will have an even bigger impact on the kids in need of solace and care.

You may feel out of your depth at this stage and wonder how you are going to make an impact. One way is with SpyFone app. Installing this mobile tracker on a kid’s cell phone enables parents to keep watch over the child. 

They can access the control panel 24/7 to view information and see who children talk to and interact with through messaging. With the reverse phone look-up feature, they can even see who owns a particular phone number. 

Predators have mass people platforms

You can help by having talks with your kids and making them aware of what a dangerous world it is out there. The problem is compounded in these current times with the mass use of online platforms to share and discuss things with several people at the same time. 

This all began really with lockdown restrictions because of COVID-19 and no-one being able to meet physically, but even now, with restrictions relaxed, they are continuing. These are often hacked.

Ensure powerful bonds with kids

The best way of making your kid knowledgeable and secure is by regular bonding. Obviously, you can only do so much in talking to your kids about the dangers of cyber predators, but it will help kids knowing they are loved and secure at home. 

Having this back-up, they are less likely to want to be groomed by an online predator for their happiness and safety. Having said all that, kids are likely to experiment anyway.

Ensure they know the risks

Tell your kids never to arrange a physical meeting, especially in a secluded place or at the home of the predator. 

It would be wise to pull up stories of what has happened in such circumstances to other kids and don’t shy away from because they may be gory or upsetting. The more so, the better as this will really make an impression and will the best way to teach your kids.