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Keep Diseases at Bay by Boosting Your Immune System

Not having a functioning immune system is a nightmare, especially with the current state of things. The good thing though, is that the immune system can be boosted to have a solid body mechanism that can fight off diseases and keep you in the best shape in terms of health. Here are the best ways to boost your immunity and be safe from diseases. 

Feel cool and refreshed with an organic mask

Considering that masks are now a daily way of life, and you’ll be wearing one a lot of the time, choose something comfortable and effective. This will also protect your immune system by keeping all sorts of nasties at bay.

Can you get excited about wearing a face mask? Yes, indeed, you can, because now masks have been created totally organically. 

Optimally Organic have come up with organic face masks that will not only protect you but will leave your face feeling cool and refreshed. Some masks leave your nose irritated and your face feeling generally rough. This goes to prove that not all masks are created equal!

Also, some masks make your ears protrude at weird angles. This is not only uncomfortable, but you could become the object of mirth! It happens when you’re going for the cheapest masks. 

Personal protective warrior

You have got to keep your immunity up like your personal protective warrior. Now more than ever, you need to protect your immune system. Aside from the basics, like wearing organic face masks, if you haven’t been doing this before, now is the time to start taking care of yourself. You must look carefully at your diet and ensure you eat protein-rich food.

You must eat lots of fruits and unprocessed meats. Look up the Mediterranean diet and follow those recipes. They are very simple and ensure you put the best possible food in your system. 

There’s a reason that those people in Mediterranean countries have so few heart problems. Make sure that you have lots of color on your plate. An array of vegetables will give you exactly what you need. 

Occasional treats of ‘bad’ stuff

Fish is also a good staple. This is rich in Omega-3 acids, which, in turn, is great for your immune system. Try to steer clear of fast foods. The occasional burger is fine, with the emphasis on ‘occasional,’ just as the occasional pizza is also okay. The point is not to feel deprived while you are eating sensibly. 

Also, don’t feel that because you’re having supplements with probiotics and vitamins and cholesterol-lowering additives, that you can continually gorge on the bad stuff (which includes burgers and pizza!). 

The one will cancel out the other! If you’re eating sensibly, there’s no need to take supplements. If you drink alcohol, keep it to one glass of red wine with your meal. 

Vitamin B a great booster

What is excellent for your immune system, though, is Vitamin B-12 or B-complex. If you can get an injection every week of these boosters, that will be exactly what your system needs. Not only that, it gives the brain a lift as well, which keeps you feeling good and your mind in top form.

Part of your lifestyle modifications is the necessity of adequate sleep! If you are working late every night and must be up at the crack of dawn, you could be missing out on what your immune system desperately needs. Quality sleep regenerates your entire body. Don’t try and be a hero and prove you can do without it. You can’t. 

You also must make time for exercise. This increases your ability to fight off infection. Just a brisk 10-minte walk or jog can be a miracle worker and greatly stimulate your immune system.