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Importance of Having a Mobile-Friendly Website

A mobile-friendly site is one that responds well to any size screen and doesn’t have any problems with opening up on handheld devices. Mobile-friendly websites have taken the website design industry by storm and there are very important reasons that should make you migrate to it. 

Although some companies may argue that their visitors visit the site using desktop devices, they should also invest in responsive website design. It doesn’t matter what devices are used by the majority of the audience you target – you should aim for mobility when designing a website. 

Here are 5 points that outline the importance of having a mobile-friendly website.

Ranking higher in SERPs

If you would like to drive more traffic to the site you are managing, ensure that the theme and design being used is mobile-friendly. Look for the best Kansas City web development firms that work on creating mobile-friendly sites for businesses that can rank higher on SERPs. 

Google prioritizes mobile devices and its algorithms drop down the sites that don’t share the same sentiments. That is because the majority of internet users access the worldwide web using mobile devices.

Improving mobile conversion rates

Mobile commerce, better known as m-commerce, is a popular way of shopping for many people. That makes it important for your online shop or business site to be mobile-friendly. To be part of this growing industry and improve the mobile conversion rate, ensure that all aspects on the site are friendly for handheld devices. 

That includes features you choose to add, the media you post and most importantly, the theme you choose should be responsive. Also, ensure that other features like the button you choose to use are appropriate for mobile devices.

Increasing the User-Experience

Users that access the internet using mobile devices should also enjoy being on the site you run. They shouldn’t face problems of stretched website pages, large or small fonts and other issues that come with sites that aren’t mobile-friendly. 

If you choose to use a responsive theme or design, the user experience for mobile device users will improve. You can expect more traffic due to that, which can lead to regular customers, leveraging the revenue you make. If you leave this issue unattended, you can lose valuable traffic that could have benefited your company very much. 

Also, hire a professional Kansas City SEO agency that can work further on the mobile-friendly designs and themes to get higher rankings and bring in organic traffic. 

Faster loading speed

Another important feature that comes with mobile-friendly sites is that they have fast loading speeds. Research has proven that customers often bounce sites that have sites that load slow. Perhaps, you have also been a victim of a slow loading website page and well know the feeling that comes with it. 

Prevent the unfavorable outcome that will be brought upon a slow loading site by implementing a responsive website design. The quick loading time will also factor in to Google algorithms bumping you up on the SERPs.

Streamlined experience on all devices

Responsive web design is not solely focused on mobile devices, but also desktop computers are accounted for. That means you will get the same experience on all types of devices with different screen sizes. This way, all users will get a streamlined experience and gain access to the site without facing any difficulty.

Also, a mobile-friendly website is usually clean and simple, which improves the general appearance of the website. To streamline the experience further, you can use fonts, colors and other elements that build up the site that is clear and easy to read even while in transit.