Over the past few weeks, we have been digging deeper into the concept of ‘identity’. We have discussed and documented our identities as readers, writers, mathematicians, and learners. We understand that every person is an individual, and that knowing ourselves, can learn help us connect with others around us.

Self Portraits

We understand that people communicate feelings and ideas through the arts. Therefore, the students were invited to create self-portraits using different materials. First, they drew portraits on large card. Then, they chose different mediums to complete their artwork.

Next, we reflected on the questions:

  • What do I know about myself?
  • What do I want people to know about me?

The students began to gather their ideas on paper, drawing and writing to express their identity.

  • We wonder how we can share what we know about others…
  • We wonder what others know about us that we don’t know…
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