Felix was excited as he came into school. He said that he found ‘ice’ on the grass. He said he had it in his hand and was sad that he could not bring it to class. He was invited to see if there was any more ice on the grass in the EY playground. His eyes lit up. He quickly put on her coat and ran outdoors. He came back with a piece of grass in his hand.

He looked sad.

He stated that there was ice on it ‘just now’. When asked what he thought might have happened, he explained that it has melted because the “inside is too hot”.

What if we did not have to bring it inside?

We thought about this for a moment.

What if we found a way to capture a moment? A picture?

Felix quickly chose an iPad and went back outside to document his observations. He came back with a beautiful picture of frost on the grass. He was simply beaming with pleasure that he was able to share what he experienced in the morning.

Felix “I got it! Ice.”

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