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How Can You Brighten a Dark and Gloomy Room

Thinking about how to brighten up a gloomy room can be challenging, especially if there’s not too much space in it to make some changes. This is especially true for places that are void of big windows or don’t have windows at all so that natural light can come in. Luckily, there are some ways to transform your room into a brighter space, and breaking down a wall or adding windows aren’t the only options. From adding a nice and fresh coat of paint to implementing new accessories to your room, we rounded here top tips to help you add more light to your home.

Lighter colors for furniture and walls

People are used to choosing their furniture (sofas, tables, chairs) according to their personal style. That’s fair enough – but you should always consider your furniture choices according to the light in your room. If your room is small and dark, a big gray sofa isn’t the best choice. Instead, choose a stylish, small sofa in a lighter color (nude, beige, white) that will make your room look a lot bigger and spacious. As for tables, choose transparent coffee tables that will fit perfectly in your space. Also, embracing white walls is probably the best idea to brighten a dark room. Is it too boring for you? Keep the dark walls, but opt for lighter furniture.

Candles, fairy lights, led lighting, and other ambient sources

Suppose you’re looking to add a touch of luminosity to your room without overcrowding it. In that case, you should start by using large candles, fairy lights, led lighting, and other attractive Ambiental decorations. Not only will they bring more light to your room, but they’ll add charm and a therapeutic feel. As long as they’re warm and luminous, they’re perfect for your home. Creating an intimate atmosphere in your room can feel incredibly chic. 

Don’t overdo walls with art

The brighter the art, the better – or maybe less is more! This is one common mistake that people or interior designers make. They overcrowd a room with all kinds of decorative accessories. If your room struggles with lighting, your walls should be as empty as possible to make space look bigger. A single piece of wall art can really set the mood for your room. For a softly lit room, make sure to choose lightly-toned pictures that could help to maximize the space. 

Remove clutter

Decluttering a house can be challenging, especially if there are many rooms to deal with. The first thing you should do is determine what you still use and what you don’t. Redundant objects can be hidden in your basement or storage boxes. Keep only the objects that look nice, such as lamps, vases, frames, and chairs that can fit the style of your home. When you enter your home, do you feel relaxed, or you have to tiptoe around clutter? It’s time for you to start removing anything that doesn’t serve you and enjoy a cleaner and brighter home.