We were creating pictures using GEO shapes. The children followed a sequence in order to recreate the same shape displayed on the screen. [Shapes have characteristics that can be described and compared.]

The children looked carefully to see if they can find the different shapes they need from the tray. They had to count the number of shapes used and follow the instructions.  [Listen to information. Use all senses to observe and notice details.]

Next, we looked at other pictures, recreating them using the Geo shapes. Sewon said it looked like a butterfly. Then, we made a flower. We noticed that the children used different starting points when creating their pictures.

The children continued to stay engaged, creating yet another picture. This time a fish. Looking closely at the shapes, they counted and collected the different shapes they needed. They had to be mindful of space and worked carefully around the carpet, taking care not to break pictures made by the other children.

We made a flower, a butterfly and a fish. When creating the fish, some children started by collecting 6 orange squares and then working their way outwards from the shapes. Some chose to start with two triangles and created the mouth and the face of the fish. The tail was quite tricky, the children rotated the shapes to see if they can match the picture on the screen. [Demonstrate persistence in tasks. Use strategies to problem-solve.]

The next day, the children continued to create different pictures using the shapes. 

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