1. Teaching Ideas


We went back to the objects we used in the activity ‘See, Think, Wonder’. This time we used the concept mapping routine ‘Generate Sort Connect Elaborate’ to do the following:

  • generate ideas about the objects/topic
  • develop a bank of vocabulary that can be used to describe the objects
  • share thinking with others
  • explore connections between and amongst ideas

We chose one picture and brainstormed a list of words to help us share our initial ideas and thoughts. Then, we added another picture to see if we could add to our collection of words and ideas.

The activity helped the students develop a range of vocabulary, which they used to explain their thinking. 

The students explained that some of the objects were connected, and that there were similarities between the objects. We noticed that the discussions explored the concepts; technology, time, purpose, function and cost (value).

Then, the students shared their thinking individually through an activity on the iPad.

Next, we went back to our objects. What do we already know about the objects? How might we learn from each other?The students began brainstorming ideas and their thinking. They tapped into their prior knowledge to make connections. They began to look carefully at the objects.

They noticed little details on the objects that gave them clues about the objects, how they might be used and how they might have changed. We documented these ideas. We chose a few objects and made a plan to find out more.

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