The children have been sharing their theories about ‘animals eating other animals’ (food chains). In order to discuss their theories further, Ms. Tina brought in a Chinese story titled “谁吃谁”[Who eats whom].

  • Charlotte “Chicken eats…”
  • Michelle “Lion eats everybody.”

Teacher “Who eats the lion?”

  • Michelle “Tiger.”
  • Teacher “Who eats the tiger?”
  • Felix “Dragon.”
  • Michelle “Lion.”

Ms. Tina began to read the picture book. The children made predictions and shared their ideas and theories on what different animals like to eat.

  • Bruce “The small bugs eat the flower.” (in Mandarin)
  • Michelle “The ladybugs eat the small bugs here. The bird eats the ladybug.”
  • Nina made a prediction “Rabbits may eat the bird.” (in Mandarin)

Teacher Who might come next? Who might eat the fox?

  • Michelle “Crocodile”
  • Felix “Maybe a wolf?”

We turned the page to see if our predictions were correct. Felix’s  prediction was right. The children continued to think about and discuss the different creatures that were eaten. They were beginning to see how the animals were connected.

Why does the fly eat the wolf?

  • Michelle “Because the fly is hungry.”
  • Felix “Because he die. Maybe a dragon eats the fish.”

Yoochan translated for Sewon as she explained that the fish do not have hands.

We turned to a picture of a bird eating a fish. Sebastian suggested that the bird will be eaten by a dragon.

The children continue to be curious about living things. How do living things help or depend on each other to survive? 

Next, we played an online game that helped us learn more about ‘The Food Chain‘. The children were excited to guess the order of the different living things that live off each other. 

Approaches to Learning (ATL’s)

  • Gather information from a variety of sources (people, places, materials, literature).
  • Analyse and interpret information.
  • Listen actively and respectfully to others’ ideas and listen to information.
  • Ask for clarifications.
  • Express oneself using words and sentences.
  • Participate in conversations.
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