An inquiry into Folktales:

Passed down from generation to generation, folktales provide a glimpse into a culture’s beliefs, and also insight into people’s motivations, feelings and values.

We read the folktale Stone Soup by Jon J Muth. In this story, three monks convince the people of a village to share a small amount of their food in order to make a meal that everyone enjoys.

After listening to the story, the students identified the characters, setting, problem, solution and moral of the story. We also noticed the details in the illustrations and how they give us clues about the text.

The next day, one student reread the folktale while a story map was created. We used labels to help us remember important vocabulary and key information from the story.

The students completed a graphic organizer to document the discussion points.

The moral of the story Stone Soup by Jon J Muth, is that ‘sharing benefits everyone who contributes’.

Next we read Stone Soup by Marcia Brown. In this version, the travellers are 3 soldiers.

We discussed the two versions of Stone Soup and wondered about the similarities and differences between the two versions. We created a Venn diagram to help us document the information we gathered. 

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