1. Teaching Ideas

Feelings, Emotions, Accidents and Choices

Two great stories helped us explore feelings and emotions.

‘A Cat and a Dog’ by Claire Masurel

‘On Monday When It Rained’ by Cherryl KachenmeisterThe students reflected on their own feelings and emotions. When do they feel angry, scared, sad, lonely, or proud?

They documented their ideas using pictures and sentences. They provided examples of when they experiences these feelings in real life experiences.

Next, we used a selection of pictures to discuss events/ incidents and resulting feelings and actions. 

The students worked in teams to document their thinking. They were tasked with appointing a scribe. They had to work out strategies for listening, speaking and documenting. They discussed collaborative agreements they would need to be able to work together to accomplish the task. The students had to decide if the events in pictures were deemed ‘accidents‘ or ‘choices‘. 

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