What is TeacherLingo and why should I use it?

TeacherLingo is an online community created for Teachers by Teachers.

Every day, TeacherLingo bloggers post dozens of entries to the site. And every day, thousands of TeacherLingo users read and comment on those entries. The result is a lively, authentic conversation about all things teaching.

How can I participate, how can I become a part of TeacherLingo?

You can participate as a user by registering for a profile on TeacherLingo. All users can post comments on TeacherLingo blogs. The only way to have an avatar to appear with your profile is to create an account at Gravatar.com with the same email address you used for your TeacherLingo account.

If  you are a blogger and think your blog may be a good fit for the TeacherLingo network, please pitch us right here

Where should I start and what should I know about before starting?

For starters, you can read our Blogger Guidelines, Terms of Service and Comments Policy. After that, skim our homepage to see some of our freshest and most popular content. See a comment that annoys you? Then post your own response to that comment! We love a heated discussion at TeacherLingo.

Do you have a newsletter I can/should receive?

To receive the latest headlines, you can subscribe to the TeacherLingo RSS feed. 

How can I get TeacherLingo on the go?

Visit TeacherLingo.com. Our site is responsive and should work with most Web-enabled phones.

If I have a question not listed above, how can I get in touch?

We welcome feedback at contact@TeacherLingo.com. We receive many e-mails, but will do our best to get back to you quickly.

What is your commenting policy and why do you have one?

For our complete details, see our Comments Policy.

Why do I need to log in (provide credentials such as e-mail, etc.) to leave a comment?

We believe this will encourage more responsible comments and generate a higher level of discussions across the site. It also helps cut down on spam. We have also given our bloggers the option to install Facebook Comments as their blog’s commenting format.

Why was my comment removed?

Your comment was most likely removed for violating our commenting policy. If you feel that this was a mistake, do not hesitate to get in touch via email at contact@TeacherLingo.com.

Can I edit or delete a comment I made?

No. If for some reason you want to do so, contact the TeacherLingo staff.

How do I report a comment that violates the Comment Policy?

The bloggers are responsible for maintaining community on their blogs, so please contact the blogger first.

What are some precautions I can take to protect my privacy and participate on your site safely?

First, always keep your account information private and do not share your log-in information with anyone. If you are concerned about privacy, you may also want to consider choosing a user name and display name that do not display any personal information like your real name, e-mail address. You may also want to refrain from providing overly specific biographical information in the customized areas of your personal profile page.

How do I report spam, misuse of site features, harassment, abuse, etc?

E-mail your blogger or contact@TeacherLingo.com. All users are expected to abide by our Terms of Service and offending users will be removed from the site.

How do I safely delete my account, what information will be retained?

If you wish to disable your account, please contact us at contact@TeacherLingo.com.

Who monitors and moderates TeacherLingo?

TeacherLingo’s bloggers are charged with maintaining their communities as they see fit.

The site also is staffed by a community manager who works with bloggers to help them cultivate their audiences.  The manager keeps the homepage fresh, discusses ideas with bloggers, respond to users’ emails, monitor the site as a whole, brainstorm new features and represent TeacherLingo at public events.

How do I lodge a complaint or file a support ticket?

E-mail us via contact@TeacherLingo.com and one of our staff members will work with you on the problem.

I find a specific post to be offensive, how do I voice my concern?

The comment board is the best place to register your concern. Bloggers should be reading their comments and they can reply to your comment.

What operating systems and browsers do you support, what combination do you recommend for the best experience?

We do our best to make TeacherLingo work in as many browsers and on as many computers as possible, but we are optimized for display on more modern browsers like FireFox 3.0 and later, Internet Explorer 7 and later, Safari 3.0 and later, Google Chrome 2.0, etc. Internet Explorer 6 in particular presents problems for TeacherLingo (and many other websites) and users who can do so are encouraged to upgrade from IE6 to a more recent version like IE7 or IE8 for their safety and an over all better browsing experience.

Why do you have so-and-so feature but not so-and-so feature?

We are constantly working to improve the TeacherLingo experience for all our users. If you have a suggestion for a particular feature you’d like to see on the site, send your thoughts to contact@TeacherLingo.com. We have an ambitious vision for TeacherLingo and plan on taking our time to perfect new features before releasing them.

How do I spread the word about TeacherLingo or share specific posts or blogs I like?

We encourage you to share your favorite posts and blogs with friends via email,  sites like Twitter and Facebook, and your own blog if you have one.

I’m an entrepreneur, and I have a start-up that I think will be of interest to you. Who should I get in touch with?

We like ideas. If you have a good one, please send it our way via email at contact@TeacherLingo.com.

I don’t have my own blog but I’d like to start one with you. What do I need to know and where do I apply?

We’re always looking for new bloggers to add to the TeacherLingo network. Even if you’re not a blogger yet but you have the drive and a great idea for a teaching-specific blog, we want to hear from you. Send us your pitch here.

I’m an active blogger, and I have a blog that I would like to bring over to TeacherLingo. What do I need to know, where do I apply, and what can I expect?

We receive many pitches from bloggers who run great sites. The blogs we’re most interested in have a specific niche, are frequently updated and already home to an engaged community of users. If this sounds like you, send us your pitch here.

Welcome to Teacher Lingo

TeacherLingo is a network connecting Teachers with each other for support and provides a place for them to share their stories and insights with the world. We welcome you to meet our bloggers, post comments, or pitch your blog idea.

Featured Bloggers

George Couros

I am a learner, educator, and Innovative Teaching, Learning, and Leadership Consultant. I believe we need to inspire our kids to follow their passions while letting them inspire us to do the same.

Shemarlie Gani

Shemarlie is a Primary Years Teacher, collaborating with learners to discover their potential by providing a thoughtful environment and culture, where all learners feel included and empowered in their ability to learn.