Paper as a Tool to Express Creativity

The children have continued to gather at the writing table. They enjoy creating with paper, making computers, ID cards and packages. While working at this space, the children talk to each other about their ideas. They negotiate and share the materials, taking turns to use the resources with purpose.

Clay as a Tool to Express Creativity

Some of the children have been using clay to make models of their own carnivorous plants. They looked carefully at the details as they painted with care and purpose. They cleared and washed up all the materials they had used at the end of their activity. Taking care of the materials and tools we use is an important part of learning.

Approaches to Learning (ATL’s)

  • express oneself using words and sentences.
  • participate in conversations.
  • use mark-marking to convey meaning.
  • be respectful to others.
  • be aware of own and others’ impact as a member of a learning group.
  • choose and complete tasks independently.
  • share responsibility for decision-making.
  • demonstrate persistence in tasks.
  • use strategies to problem-solve.
  • engage with, and enjoy a variety of visual arts experiences.
  • select tools, materials and processes for specific purposes.
  • use their imagination and experiences to inform their art making.
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