Ms. Tina introduced the children to ‘Haha’.

  • Teacher “What is an art gallery?

The children wondered…

  • Teacher “It is a place with a lot of art.”
  • Sebastian “Toys?”
  • Teacher “It could be.”

The children talked about what people might do while they look at the different displays.

  • Teacher “Can we be loud in the art gallery?”
  • Children “No we have to be quiet.”

Haha went to an art gallery over the weekend. Children from a different school have created lots of wonderful pieces of art using different types of paper. He shared what he had seen there.

The children shared their thinking as they looked at the different pictures.

  • Charlotte “A floating city!”

  • Charlotte “It’s a bird house.”

  • Bruce “A monster house.” Sebastian agreed.
  • Yoochan “like toilet (shape of the toilet).”

  • Yoochan “Cakes!”
  • Sarah “It’s signs. Something you can’t do.”

  • Charlotte ‘Like candies.”

  • Yoochan “Like Television.”

  • Charlotte “Like zombies.”

In the morning the children had collected a range of different pieces of paper.

These papers needed to be sorted so that we can use them to create.

What should we remember when we are sorting the paper?

How should we hold the paper?

Ms. Tina made a long line of paper.

She laid out 7 trays to help us sort. Charlotte suggested that we sort the paper by colour. Everyone agreed.

While sorting the paper the children thought of other rules for their sort. They noticed that some of the paper was thicker. Some had patterns and different textures. They worked in groups to sort and collect 6 trays of paper. Each group shared their rule for the sort.

Bruce, Leming and Yoochan had sorted the paper into two trays. Although both trays had white paper, one tray had ‘PAPER WITHOUT LINES’ and the other had ‘PAPER WITH LINES’.

Michelle and Charlotte explained that their sorts were by the thickness of the paper.

We wondered…

How should we sort the paper if we wanted to be able choose the paper without difficulty?

Michelle decided that it would be better to add the white papers on their tray into the trays that had ‘PAPER WITHOUT LINES’ and ‘PAPER WITH LINES’.

The children then needed to decide where these papers will be stored. They suggested the shelves by the table.

Sarah, Charlotte and Michelle created labels for the trays.

We wonder what we might create with this paper…

How might we express our creativity with paper?

Watch this space!

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