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Focus: Mathematics (Number) 

Go on a number hunt around your house.

I found these numbers in my house! 

  • What numbers can you find?
  • What are the numbers used for?
  • Did you find numbers outside as well? What were they? 

You can draw pictures of the places you find numbers. Record the numbers you see. 

Here is a number line to help you. 

Here is a video story on how to write numerals. You can follow along to read the book or refer to it if you are unsure of how to write numerals 1 to 10. 

You can use a sand or salt tray to practice writing numerals!

Don’t forget to share your learning!

We are learning that:

  • numbers are a naming system
  • numbers can be used in many ways for different purposes in the real world
  • numbers are connected to each other through a variety of relationships
  • making connections between our experiences with number can help us to  develop number sense
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