Brainstorm and Tuning In:

I think Earth Day is…..

  • Eirinn “about keeping the planet clean and healthy.”
  • Grace “to protect the Earth Day, plant trees and save papers.”
  • Lawrence “to protect nature because our Earth needs to be protected.”
  • Amber “you living in Earth for many years because we live on earth and we are alive on Earth.”
  • Agata “helping the Earth be healthy, because in front of the Library there was things to help the Earth.”
  • Yuki “people day, because people live in the Earth, so it is people day.”
  • Yuchan “helping Earth because people put trash in the sea then Earth’s temperature rises so we need to help our Earth.”
  • Hayoon “a day to plant and respect nature and a day to think about Earth because it is Earth Day and nature, and things like cars are bad for Earth.”
  • Hyun Seo “whole world that we live in like rocks, water, grass, trees and Earth Day is a good day because its named Earth day. And nature is part of Earth too.”
  • Seolah “the world day because I think Earth and world are the same word.”
  • Seungbin “saving the Earth and saving plants and other plants because once I saw in a shop and it said help the Earth and save the Earth.”
  • Alejandra “a day when we help nature and we also think about plants and animals because every day we think about other things, so we need to think about the planet.”
  • Diego “to protect the Earth.”
  • Fedo “where we are going to learn about the Earth or the day of the Earth because when you say Earth Day, it seems like we are talking about the Earth.”
  • Gihyeon “planting the plants because nature and Earth connect together by nature helps Earth.”
  • Ethan “a day to make Earth more clean. When you see trash in the pond, you need to get the trash and throw it away. Also, Earth Day is a day when we need to help animals.
  • Ella “when we think about Earth and how it helps us and we realise that we need to protect Earth.”

We thought about an important message WE want to share about the Earth.

If you could share a powerful message through one photograph, what would it be?

The students went out to take their photographs and think about the messages they wanted to share.


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