Mo Willems and Peter Brown are two of our favourite authors at NIS. They use lines, shapes and patterns to create the illustrations (or pictures) for their picture books.

Last year, we interviewed Ms. Grace. She was a Grade 2 teacher at NIS. Just like Mo Willems and Peter Brown, Ms. Grace loves to draw and create her own pictures.

Ms. Grace taught us how to create our own Zentangle pictures or doodles using lines, shapes and patterns. Let’s use our imagination and what we know about lines, shapes and patterns to create our own doodles.


Don’t forget to share your doodles with us! 

This invitation encourages children to:

  • express themselves creatively
  • enjoy a variety of visual arts experiences
  • select tools, materials and processes for specific purposes
  • use imagination and experiences to inform their art making
  • create artwork in response to a range of stimuli
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