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Focus: Research Skills, Communication Skills

Does it float or sink?

Use a collection of familiar objects to determine whether each will sink or float in water.

  1. Gather a collection of objects
  2. Drop the objects into the water one at a time and note if they sink or float.
  3. Document your observations using drawings or photographs.

Sink and Float

What did you observe about the items that sink versus those that float.

  • Are they bigger?
  • Do they feel heavier?
  • Do they have a certain shape to them?

Share your findings with the class.

Approaches to Learning (ATL’s)

  • observe carefully
  • organize information
  • test developing theories through experimentation
  • seek information
  • record observations—drawing and photographs
  • analyse and interpret information
  • express oneself using words and sentences
  • use mark-marking to convey meaning
  • document information and observations in a variety of ways
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