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Do the Simple Things Well and Consistently

Now and then, the Vshred account on Instagram will post this picture of my body transformation:

It is not only an honour to see that posted, but it is an excellent reminder of the work I have done to change my lifestyle.  

Every time that picture is posted on their account with over a million followers, I will get messages from people asking me the following question; does the program (VShred) work?

My answer is always the same; yes and no.

If you follow what it tells you to do consistently, then yes, it does. 

If you think it will magically fix things for you, then no, it doesn’t.

The first time I went through the program, I didn’t lose any weight. Why? Because I did the exercises but wouldn’t follow the diet.

When I tried again, and then I changed my diet, then things started happening.  

But I didn’t go on a “diet” as much as I changed my diet to something healthier that I could keep up with consistently.  

Here is what I try to do every day:

Get 8 hours of sleep.

Drink a lot of water.

Take at least 12,000 steps.

Do 100 pushups.

Eat 200 grams of protein per day.

Do I do more than that sometimes? Of course.

But I always try to do those things.

Every day.


We try to complicate solutions because we are often looking for a magic pill to fix the problems in front of us.   This isn’t just for health situations but all aspects of life. 

Want to become a better writer? Write more. 

Want to have better relationships?  Spend more time investing in your relationships. 

Programs can be helpful but only to the point that you are willing to put the energy and effort into them.

Most times (not always), the quickest way to a solution is a straight line.  

Do the simple things well and consistently, and you will see results.

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