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Digital Whiteboards for Google Meet

Digital whiteboards are a valuable tool in our current virtual classrooms. The two most popular virtual meeting tools being used are Google Meet and Zoom. Zoom features include a whiteboard but Google Meet does not include a whiteboard in the features of their program. Chrome Canvas and Google Jamboard are both digital whiteboards that can be used with Google Meet. 

Chrome Canvas is an easy to use program that does not require the creation of an account. The digital whiteboard can be opened in a new tab and shared to students by sharing your screen. 

Google Jamboard is a program within the G Suite for Education products. You can use your personal or school Google account to sign in. Jamboards can be shared with your students through a link so that students can access and add to the digital board. 

You can click here to access a video tutorial of using both of these digital whiteboard tools. 


Image source, Google products


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