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Diamond Ranking Powerful Words

The students have been working in groups to find and document what they know about powerful words. They have written descriptions, provided explanations and presented their words to the class. But which of these words are the most powerful?

To help the students explore this further, we asked them to rank the words from the ‘most powerful’ to the ‘least powerful’ through an activity called Diamond Ranking.

The Diamond Nine is an oral language strategy that challenges students to work together to evaluate and collectively prioritise nine ideas, opinions, or pieces of information into what they consider highest to lowest importance.

We noticed how the students engaged in rich focused discussions as they tried to reach a consensus on the placement of the words. Justifying their choices and listening to others’ perspectives helped the students negotiate and decide on the final ranking.

They had opportunities to manage information, communicate with each other and learn to prioritise information.

Then, each team explored how they might show their most powerful words through performance and dance. They had opportunities to be imaginative and use their bodies and a range of materials to express their ideas creatively.




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