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Design Challenge – The SNOOP Family Home

The Brief:

Your task is to PLAN and then use any type of Lego or any other building material to CREATE a home for the SNOOP family. They have made a list of requirements. Think of how you might design and create a strong, safe and beautiful home for them.

The home:

  • should be 2 floors high (don’t forget the staircase!)
  • each floor should have 2 rooms
  • will need a chimney as they want a fireplace
  • must have lots of windows to let the cool breeze in
  • should have a beautiful garden with two big trees
  • should include an outdoor kennel for the their pet dog ‘Woof’
  • must have a two-door garage to park their two cars
  • an outdoor pool

1) Make a PLAN on paper.

2) Use building materials to CREATE the structure. Make sure you think of ALL the requirements to make a safe, strong and beautiful home.

What do we need to know about building structures?

We watched ‘Look at That Building!: A First Book of Structures‘ by Scot Ritchie. 

This wonderful picture book introduces young learners to basic construction concepts through the eyes of five friends keen on building a doghouse for their pet pooch, Max. Many important concepts, and vocabulary are explored through this simple picture book. 

Snoop Family Home Designs and Final Structures

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