1. Teaching Ideas

Connections and Reflections

Reflections on the Colour, Symbol, Image Thinking Routine:

The students reflected on the different ideas they shared through the thinking routine. They spoke in detail about the concepts cause and effect, impact, ecosystems and responsibility.

The concept of WASTE was another key concept they students shared. We noticed that they were beginning to think of some action they could take through their learning.

The Web – Making Connections:

We collated the different ideas shared through the activity ‘Connect the Images’. They students noticed how the images connected to each other in many different ways.

The discussions focused on consumption, waste, impact on the environment and humans. Throughout the discussions, we wondered how ‘WE’ could use our knowledge to make better choices.

How might I use my knowledge to make better choices? 

The students began to share the action they could take individually or collectively. They began to organize their ideas into four quadrants.

  • I can do, others can do
  • I can do others can’t do
  • I can’t do, others can do
  • No one can do

We wonder what action the students may take as a result of their learning and reflections…

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