We went on a field visit to observe nature, document what we noticed and ask questions that can be researched. We were curious, thoughtful and responsible inquirers. We collected different samples of interesting living things to bring back with us. We teamed up to talk about what we saw, and created a large mural together!

The students used Venn diagrams to explore connections between the different living things they saw on their field visit. 

The students have begun to conduct their research.

Here are a few of their driving questions. 

  • Alejandra – Why do bamboo leaves change colour?
  • Ethan, Lawrence – Why are leaves different colours?
  • Yuki – What inside the ground?
  • Grace – Why does the mud (soil) change colour?
  • Hayoon – Why does the worms poop look like a mountain? What is inside the poop?
  • Diego – Why do frogs die?

  • Seoyeon – How do plants live in cold places?
  • Agata, Ella  – Who were the first people in the world?
  • Amber – Do all nests look the same? Why are they different?
  • Seolah – What do different kinds of fish eat?
  • Fedo – Why is soil and water important to leaves?
  • Gihyeon – How do plants live in the lake?
  • Hyun See – Why do plants need water to grow?
  • Yuchan – What is the first creature in the world?
  • Seungbin – Why are the little branches going around the big branches of trees?

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