1. Teaching Ideas

Conducting Research – Mini Story

Felix had a magnet in his hand. The magnets were frequently used on the whiteboard in the campfire. He held it close to the container where the markers were stored and was excited that the magnet was drawn to the container. He stated that the magnet was ‘getting stuck’ on the bucket.

Teacher “What other things might the magnet get stuck onto? Maybe you can take some pictures while you collect the information?

Felix took on this task with excitement. He held onto the iPad and magnet and walked around the campfire testing his theories and collecting evidence of his research.

We wonder where this inquiry might take us…

Approaches to Learning (ATL’s)


  • observe carefully
  • test generalizations, strategies or ideas
  • use discussion and play to generate new ideas and investigations
  • seek information
  • ask or express through play questions that can be researched
  • gather information
  • document information and observations
  • demonstrate persistence in tasks
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